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We Do Autographs From All Fields

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your autographs are real. Let us authenticate and grade them for you. Frank Garo offers knowledge, experience and great service. We are independently owned and don’t buy or sell autographs.

NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST! How many competitors can say that?

Be Smart!

Have us authenticate your item online for $25.
If it’s not good you’ve saved a lot of money and aggravation.

Certificates of Authenticity

You can get a written certificate if we first do a $25 online authentication for you and your item is good. The certificate is mailed to your home. Cost is $30. See Products Page to pay with PayPal or Credit Card.

Online Authentication

Authenticating an autograph online can be almost as accurate as doing it in person. We’ve found that over 98% of all autographs found to be good online and submitted for in person examination turned out to be authentic.
FOS, Fast Opinion Service, is far superior to any other similar type service. We take as long as needed to thoroughly examine every autograph submitted. Due to our superior exemplar library of autographs plus our knowledge and experience, we are able to get you an answer faster than other online services. No “quick opinions” resulting from sloppy, cursory exams by inexperienced “authenticators.”

Whenever possible, use Fast Opinion Service before you buy and you’ll avoid any hassles if item is not good. FOS will render one of 3 opinions:

LA (Looks Authentic) • UN (Uncertain) • NW (No Way)
Cost is $25.00 per autograph*, payable in advance. See our Products Page to pay with PayPal or Credit Card. Email your photo to

* Call on multi-signed items.

Fast Service

In most cases you’ll get an email response in 1 or 2 hours (not 1 to 2 days) but rarely more than 4 hours.

How To Order An Online Authentication

  1. Send good, clear picture(s) of autograph(s) to:
  2. Go to Products Page and order the number of authentications you need.
  3. Make payment using Paypal account or pay with your credit card. If you want we can send a paypal bill and you can pay with Paypal account or credit card.
  4. No authentication results can be given until payment is made.
  5. We will notify you of authentication result(s). If good, you may then order certificate(s).

Pricing Notice

New pricing in effect as of 12-14-2021.