OMG Frank I actually won the auction! Finally, a Ruth signature. I sent the payment for the letter.
Thank you again for saving me $$$ and most of all your honesty!!!

Rick, Hawaii

"FRANK GARO is the best authenticator in the country. He is always accurate and takes a lot of time reviewing signatures. He is better than the corporate authenticators and more accurate. I would recommend him to anyone who is in doubt about their signatures. Kudos to you, Frank you are the best."

Marty B. - NY, NY

"Thanks again Frank. It is truly nice to get a result on something so complex, so quickly. Your service is second to nobody. I will always recommend you to anyone talking about needing somebody in your field. I have paid to get the certificate and will anxiously be awaiting it. Thanks Frank."

Eric M. - Ocala, FL

"I want to thank Frank Garo for checking out and authenticating my three Elvis autographs. I found him to be very honest and great to deal with. I don't like sending items like that to anybody to have in their possession, so, this is very convenient for me and I am sure for many others. If I ever have any others to authenticate, Frank will be the first one that I contact. Much appreciated. Take care"

Mike - Bolivar, MO

“About 5 years ago I looked for a reliable partner to authenticate items of my autograph and art collection. I found the service of Frank P. Garo on the web. At first I was highly skeptical, because you hear many bad things about authentication services. I decided to try his service, and received a quick and professional response, for a good price.- compared to rip-off-services like the best known company. Now, after years, I still appreciate his quick and well-founded opinions when looking for art and autographs. Mr. Garo is my first address for authentication. He helped me by saving 'tons' of money. I still use his services several times a month, I'm glad to have his professional friendship. Thank you for your work!”

Markus Becker - Germany

“When it comes to autograph authentication we have found that the most important factor is trust- and we have used Frank Garo's service many times and have come to trust him implicitly. He's extremely knowledgeable, professional, prompt, and very helpful. We would not hesitate to recommend Frank to anyone seeking a professional opinion”

Lori Ferber Collectibles - Scottsdale, AZ

Dear Frank Garo,

You may not remember me, but you helped me with a Beatles White Album back in May which turned out to be a forgery. The really good news is that your work helped me re-coup my money back in court which was settled by a facilitator at the court before actually going in front of the judge which made things easier for all. Your work was the Key.

Thank You.

Bill C. - VA

“Thanks for your help as always in validating this historic item. Your findings match my independent research, I also appreciate your help on the unknown signature. Your investigation and explanation fits with my father's signatures and interests...”

Bruce Judson, Bestselling Author, and Collector of Historic Documents
President Judson Media

"Hi Frank,

It's hard to believe that I first started using your services back in 2007-- How time flies by!! I really appreciate the honesty and integrity you bring to the authentication process. My collection is very important to me and we've seen our fair share of forgeries. I have the utmost confidence that what I have is “the real deal” and I admire the fact that you are NOT in the business of buying and selling. Please be sure that I would always recommend your services to anyone who is looking for an unbiased opinion.

Thank you!"

Greg - Allentown, PA

"I'm Very glad that I happened to make your acquaintance and do business with you despite all of the eBay ridiculous Crap-Ola. I think your track record, experience, integrity, business value, and reputation are impeccable. I'll keep you posted. All the best!"

Jeff K. - Rockville MD